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Why Buy a Wooden Wentworth

Good question, here are some answers-

Wooden jigsaw puzzles have pieces that do not bend, tear, wear out or break. This means you can make the jigsaw puzzle time and time again without fear of damaging the pieces.

Wentworth wooden jigsaws are generally 3mm to 4mm thick allowing each individual jigsaw puzzle to be cut by state-of-the-art laser technology. This thickness and precision allows the Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company the manufacturing tolerances to create much more interesting and challenging shapes that can include parts as thin as only a few millimetres in width. By comparison, pressed or stamped cardboard jigsaw puzzle pieces of similar width would quickly bend, tear, wear out or break.

Our customers report that wooden jigsaw puzzles feel and look more substantial than one made from cardboard. Many customers so much admire the quality of the finished article that they choose to frame and permanently display their wooden jigsaws rather than just put them back in the box.

Prior to the cut, the robustness of the wood allows the permanent fusing of the actual image onto the jigsaw puzzle board by processes using very high temperature and pressure. This is just not an option with cardboard jigsaws, which can often suffer from the image 'fanning out', lifting and separating from the cardboard base.

Once built a wooden jigsaw puzzle's surface is flat not undulated due to poorly cut or bent cardboard pieces - it really does compliment a good image to have a really flat surface.

'Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Feels Good' - are easier to work with and more substantial in the hand!

The process used in the cutting of our wooden jigsaws means that there is no restriction on the variety of shapes that can be made. You are unlikely to find two pieces the same shape in any Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle.

Wooden jigsaw puzzles last longer and guess what, they are made entirely from independently certified sustainable wood sources. So you can enjoy your wooden jigsaw and know you are not damaging the environment.

Quality and satisfaction in jigsaw puzzles is in the challenge of the 'build' and the overall finished image. You will find that Wentworth wooden jigsaws are almost always more challenging than other jigsaws, because we include as standard, 'whimsy' pieces and other intricacies such as edge pieces with no straight edge, bisected corners and internal straight-sided pieces. You'll love the brain-teasing enjoyment and head scratching stimulation, combined with a true sense of achievement once mastered.

So confident are we in the quality of our individually crafted wooden jigsaw products, that we offer a no quibble full satisfaction guarantee.