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Welcome to Moorcroft Pottery Prestige Pieces
William Moorcroft introduced a series of sumptuous and large flambé pieces to the staid world of post-war ceramics at the great Wembley exhibition in 1924. Varying in height from a modest 12 inches to a mighty 27 inches, the Wembley pieces added a new dimension to the word 'statement' in ceramic art.

Today those who carry forward the Moorcroft tradition are working on 'statement' pieces of their own. Heralds of a new order these pieces are of exceptional beauty and complexity and produced in very small numbers.These rare pieces reflect the very best work of each designer. Each prestige piece is presented outside of the Moorcroft catalogue, dated and signed by the designer and carries a price tag that reflects its unique production using Moorcrofts best painters and tube liners.

Additional photographs and details available on request.

Calla Lily Vase$2300.00
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Calla Lily  Vase

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Calla Lily Prestige Vase
Shape 93/20
Status: In stock
Designed by Emma Bossons
20 inches high x 7 inches wide


The Gatekeeper Vase$7328.00
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The Gatekeeper Vase

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The Gatekeeper Prestige Vase
Shape 72/20
Designed by Emma Bossons
20 inches high x 12 inches wide
Status: In stock
Peacocks often play the role of the mythical phoenix in religious art. To Christians this bird's many eyes are symbols of omniscience, the all-seeing God. Christ is portrayed as a Lamb with seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth. Peacocks are sometimes depicted drinking from Eucharistic chalices or near the Tree of Life. Because Heliopolis is the city where the phoenix was said to build its rejuvenating funeral pyre, the peacock has become a substitutional emblem of that city. It is also a symbol of such compassion and empathy that it is thought to die of grief at the passing of its mate. However, one Moslem legend states that the peacock was The Gatekeeper of Paradise until the day he swallowed the Devil and snuck him in. All combined, this piece is truly a masterpiece of contemporary art and will be sought after for many generations to come.  

Parramore Vase$7048.00
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Parramore Vase

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Parramore Prestige Vase
Shape 95/21
Designed by Rachel Bishop
21 inches high
Status: In stock
The Virginia Coast Reserve is a coastal wilderness that includes beaches, maritime vegetation, forests and salt marshes. Barrier islands, the thin strips of land that run parallel to the coastline along much of the Atlantic shore, serve as a buffer against storms. Parramore Island is one of the largest and most heavily forested of these islands, providing many a diverse habitat and supporting a rich array of life. Songbirds and raptors stop by on their way south. Winter brings thousands of black ducks, brant and snow geese. Come May, a thick crowd of sandpipers covers the beaches and tidal flats, fattening themselves before flying to arctic nesting grounds.
Using Parramore as inspiration, Rachel has pushed her creative talents to their utmost edge. This is an absolutely amazing piece of work which captures Parramore's pristine landscape, complete with its abundance of wildlife and vegetation. A definite must have for any collector.  

Sophie Christina Vase$2800.00
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Sophie Christina Vase

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Sophie Christina Prestige Vase
Shape 93/20
Designed by Sian Leeper
Status: In stock
15 inches high x 11 inches wide

Clematis are from the Ranunculaceae (buttercup) family and considered by many gardeners to be the aristocrat of climbers. By planting different varieties, their attractive blooms fill the air with fragrance and can be enjoyed from late winter to late fall. Sian used the 'Sieboldii' variety as inspiration. The striking pure white flowers with clusters of deep purple petal like stamens combined with the spear like leafs, are forever entwined around the circumference of this impressive vase.  

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