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Brown Betty Teapot
Special Order

Brown Betty Teapot
We are delighted to offer you the new Brown Betty produced in England by Adderley Pottery. These Betty Teapots hold the heat well and will brew a marvelous pot of tea for you. They come in four sizes and when we measure their capacity we show what is the useable amount of each teapot allowing for tea or teabags.

Another truism is 'You get what you pay for' and it is quite true for these new Bettys. They are a bit more expensive than other Betty Teapots but we believe these teapots will give you every satisfaction.

Please scroll down to select your size.
We are discontinuing much of our teaware so quanities are extremely limiited

Brown Betty Teapot Eight Cup$60.00
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Brown Betty Teapot Eight Cup

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In Stock

Large size Brown Betty Teapot
Although rated as an 8 cup it holds approximately 60 ounces and will make a useable 7 eight ounce cups of tea.  

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