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Welcome to Gary Seymour
Established in 1998 Gary Seymour Designs goes from strength to strength. His flair for design is now beginning to make a mark upon the history of teapot collecting both in England and abroad. All of his designs are his own ideas, he models and produces each pot in his own studios and attention to detail is of paramount importance to him. What really separates him from the other novelty teapot makers we carry is that he produces his work in far smaller editions. His largest edition that we carry is only 500 pieces and we have several editions that are limited to just 100 pieces. What this translates into is a better purchase for the serious collector who is looking to the future value of their collection. We are delighted to represent him and look forward to a long relationship with his company.

Knight Time$180.00
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Knight Time

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Knight Time - 2000.
Based on a 15th Century Bascinet helmet this pot has a very realistic feel to it. Covered largely in a chrome finish, the eagle acts as the lid with a feathered plume forming the handle.
Dimensions: H 25cm W 21cm
Limited edition of 100  

Richard the Lionheart$180.00
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Richard the Lionheart

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Lionheart - 2001.
King Richard I is kneeling at the altar before going off to the Crusades. This is an unusual design, as the sword is the handle with a 'V' shape in the balaclava at the back as the pouring hole, giving the pot a back to front feel. The three lions of England are emblazoned on the reverse.
Dimensions: H 25cm W 18cm
Limited edition of 100  

St. George and the Dragon$340.00
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St. George and the Dragon

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The epitome of the triumph of good over evil, St George slays the dragon. This is a piece of intricate detail especially with respect to the armour and the dragon's features. The helmeted head forms the lid with dragon's tail making the handle. Dimensions: H 29cm W 28cm
Limited edition of 50,

Teaser 10$112.00
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Teaser 10

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Teaser 10 - 2001.
This is a stylised modern motor cruiser with the British ensign forming the handle. Dimensions: H 13cm W 28cm
Limited edition of 250

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