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Christmas Boxes
We have more collectors of Christmas pieces than any other style or theme. I'm not sure if it's because they have the widest appeal or if its simply the joy of giving carried to a new level . In any case they are always an anticipated release and these first offerings from Bilston and Battersea justify the wait.

Dated 2008 Christmas Box$175.00

Dated 2008 Christmas Box

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A festive snowman stands on this royal blue background box. Note the red heart on his right side.
Dated 2008 and 2 1/8 inches long hinged box.  

Snowman Christmas Ornament$175.00

Snowman Christmas Ornament

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Now you can see how the snowman gets his heart as the children are building him.
This 2008 dated ornament is 2 3/8 inches across  

2008 Jim Shore Snowman Family$175.00

2008 Jim Shore Snowman Family

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I'm not sure who had the more fun when Jim Shore went to Bilston and Battersea to create his new box. It was certainly a first for both of them and a beautiful result of their craftsmen and his artistic talent.
Box is 2 1/8 inches across  

2008 Jim Shore Ornament$175.00

2008 Jim Shore Ornament

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A companion piece to the box this ornament has the inscription 'I wish you a Merry Christmas' on the reverse.
Ornament is 2 3/8 inches across  

Winnie the Pooh$295.00

Winnie the Pooh

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How fitting that Bilston and Battersea should start their own series of Pooh boxes with one of my favorites
Inscribed inside it features one of Poohs poems, one that I learned quite easiily as a child as it had the appeal of sound that a child loves.
'The more it Snows
The More it Goes
Tiddly Pom
The More it Goes
Tiddly Pom
On Snowing'
You probably learned it just in the one reading.
Box is 2 1/4 inches across  

First Christmas Tree$170.00

First Christmas Tree

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The royal family in Victorian England made the Christmas Tree popular.
As the inscription says:
'It was Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria who made Christmas Tree fashionable in England. The first tree, displayed at Windsor Castle in 1841, was decorated with candles and a variety of fruits, sweets and gingerbreads.'
Albert had brought his families tradition from Germany which so many of us now enjoy and he and his family were depicted in the newspapers with their tree. Quickly copied it became the rage
Box is 1 3/4 inches across  

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