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Expressions of Sentiment
Sentiments can be difficult for us to express. Sometimes we are at a loss for words or in my case someone else can probably say what I want better than I can. When a card isn't enough to really tell another how much they really mean to one then these boxes are the perfect answer. Enamel boxes are jewel like in that they are small and precious but unlike gems they can be set on ones desk or side table and enjoyed on a daily basis. When has a 'Thank You' been so engaging?

My Mother$170.00
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My Mother

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A beautiful iris decorates this box which expressing ones love for your mother.
I like the way they have used he verse on the outside:
'My Thanks,My Love ,My Mother'
To lead into the inscription on the inside of the lid:
'My Heart' with a shaped heart
A beautifully proportioned design
Box is 1 3/4 inches in diameter  

Love Me Now$175.00
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Love Me Now

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Love Me Now
Love Me Never,
if you love me,
let it be,

Heart shaped box ix 1 3/4 inches long  

Thank You Box$140.00
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Thank You Box

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Two words that say so much so simply.
Box is 1 5/8 inches long  

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